Thursday, April 18, 2013

Double Crust Pizza

This week I wanted to step away from the baked good and sweets. Instead, I wanted to bake something else that I loved... PIZZA! As I was searching online for various recipes, I stumbled across one which seemed to be very interesting and fun to make. It is called double crust pizza. I used this as a bonding experience with my brother and we had a good time making it! 

Originally we wanted to make the crust from scratch however we found that to be unrealistic at the time. Instead, we bought 2 cans of Pillsbury pizza crust. We also bought the rest of the ingredients which would be various types of cheeses, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. It was a lengthy process that didn't end up going the way we wanted it to. For instance, the crust didn't look as nice as we thought it would and the pizza was entirely too greasy. Other than that the pizza was delicious (once we wiped off all the excess grease)! The double crust with cheese in between was a nice touch and I wouldn't mind making it again. 

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