Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peach Biscuits

Last week I made banana pudding which involved me using fresh fruit. Today I wanted to expand on that topic. The other day I saw a recipe on how to make peach cobbler. However, I made a slight twist to it where I would be putting the peaches inside buttermilk biscuits. Initially I thought this would be a great idea, but I was wrong. 

Once the biscuits went into the oven, the dough began to rise which essentially pushed the peaches out of the biscuit. By the end of the baking period, there would be one or two peaches still remaining within the biscuit.

Although all the biscuits did not come out to be a complete fail, overall it was a mess. In the future I need to figure out the appropriate kind of dough to use because clearly buttermilk biscuits were not the best choice.

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